July Checklist for Zones 5-6

Keep your garden growing! You may be enjoying the fruit of your labor (literally!) but there’s still a bounty of veggies and flowers you can sow now to keep your garden hard at work into fall.


1. Broccoli –One of the most nutritious veggies you can grow, broccoli is a home-gardening favorite. Feeling impatient? For an early harvest, sow seeds indoors now. ‘Royal Tenderette’ Hybrid is an early producer and will provide multiple harvests over 2-3 months. You can’t go wrong with ‘Sun King’ Hybrid – an all-time bestseller.

general gardening image

Broccoli, Royal Tenderette

general gardening image

Broccoli, Sun King Hybrid

2. Cauliflower –This brassica is loaded with vitamins and minerals. Start seeds indoors now for a tasty fall harvest! Be sure to water – cauliflowers are thirsty! – and give seeds lots of light. We love ‘Attribute’ Hybrid, which has a delicate nutty, buttery flavor and the 'Snowball' which is a favorite heirloom variety.

general gardening image

Cauliflower, Attribute Hybrid

general gardening image

Cauliflower, Snowball Self-Blanching

3. Cabbages – Start cabbage seeds indoors now for a steady supply of this crisp, tasty, and nutritious veggie. Try best-selling mini-cabbage ‘Caraflex’ Hybrid or early-producing ‘Earliana’.

general gardening image

Sweetheart Lettage, Caraflex Hybrid

general gardening image

Cabbage, Earliana


Annual Flowers:

1. Pansies – Who says colorful blooms end in the summer? Pansies add color to your garden through fall. Direct sow pansy seeds now through the middle of August! Try these gorgeous ‘Antique Shades Mix’ pansies, or if you prefer plants, you can’t go wrong with ‘Plentifall Mix’

Pansy, Antique Shades Hybrid Mix

Pansy, Plentifall Mix

2. Violas -Cousins of the pansies are another must-have in your fall garden. Sow these seeds directly into your garden all month long to enjoy their pops of color even as temperatures turn cold! We can’t get enough of mesmerizing ‘Psychedelic Spring’ or the delicately fragrant flowers Johnny-Jump UPs.

Viola, Psychedelic Spring

Viola, Johnny-Jump Up

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