Pet Friendly Herbs

Shop herbs that are safe for our furry friends.

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  1. Lovage
    Young leaves have fresh celery flavor.

    Plant & Plant

  2. Herb, Oregano, Golden
    Herb, Oregano, Golden
    Known as Golden Marjoram this an ornamental, but edible herb.

    Plant & Plant

  3. Herb, Sage, Purple
    Herb, Sage, Purple
    Purple Sage is the most effective medicinal variety.

    Plant & Merchandise

  4. Catnip
    Favorite of cats. Green leaves are good for tea.


  5. Basil, Everleaf Thai Towers
    Basil, Everleaf Thai Towers
    Beautiful in pots, this boldly flavored basil is slow to bolt.

    Seed & Plant

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