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Herb, Sesame

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Sesame seeds add nutty flavor and fragrance.

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Are you open to sesame? We love sesame—the sublimely nutty flavor, the fragrance—every which way. Added just before serving, sprinkling of lightly (and carefully) roasted sesame seeds lends aromatic, flavorful nuance to sweet and savory dishes. In Japan, sesame seeds are used to complement traditional vegetarian dishes and are a favorite flavoring for tofu. In China, sesame oil extracted from the seeds is prized for fried dishes. Sesame seeds add nutty kick in salad dressings; seeds, made into a paste, are what tahini is all about. Attractive 3-4' upright annual herb, garlanded with opposing broad lancelike leaves, produces a radiant show of tubular yellow (or sometimes white, blue or purple) flowers. Once pods have ripened on the plant, around mid-September, they split open naturally, releasing multitudinous pear-shaped seeds for extremely easy harvest. Grown since 3,500 B.C., perhaps the earliest cultivated oilseed, this “survivor crop” is able to grow where nothing else will—even at the desert’s edge.
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Product properties

Sun The amount of sunlight this product needs daily in order to perform well in the garden. Full sun means 6 hours of direct sun per day; partial sun means 2-4 hours of direct sun per day; shade means little or no direct sun.

Full Sun

Days To Maturity The average number of days from when the plant is actively growing in the garden to the expected time of harvest.

120-150 days

Life Cycle This refers to whether a plant is an annual, biennial or perennial. Annuals complete their life cycles in one year; biennials produce foliage the first year and bloom and go to seed the second year; perennials can live for more than two years.


Height The typical height of this product at maturity.

36-48 inches

Spread The width of the plant at maturity.

6-10 inches

Sow Method This refers to whether the seed should be sown early indoors and the seedlings transplanted outside later, or if the seed should be sown directly in the garden at the recommended planting time.

Indoor Sow

the burpee




since 1876

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Full Sun
Days To Maturity
120-150 days
Life Cycle
36-48 inches
6-10 inches
Sow Method
Indoor Sow
Planting Time
Spring, Summer
6 inches