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Shop from over 100 gardening supplies made in the USA! Includes cages, planters, garden tools, and much more.

  • Wildflowers, Hummingbird & Butterfly Mix, , large

    Short Description

    A buffet of flowers that has something for everyone.

  • Rabbit Repellent - Concentrate, , large

    Short Description

    Advanced dual-repellency formula for persistent or high-density rabbit problems and difficult-to-repel baby rabbits.

  • Wildflowers, Perennial Mix, , large

    Short Description

    Rainbows of color for several years.

  • Dino Mite Plant Food, , large

    Short Description

    Super all-natural mineral plant food.

  • Wildflowers, Pollinator Mix, , large

    Short Description

    Help pollinators by adding these plants in your landscape.

    $2.99 - $9.97
  • Exclusive
    Burpee Natural Organic Fruit and Citrus Granular Plant Food 3-5-5, , large

    Short Description

    All natural plant-food is ideal for citrus, fruit, and nut trees

  • Portabella Mushroom Kit, , large

    Short Description

    Grow your own gourmet Portabella mushrooms

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