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Gifts for Green Thumb Gardeners

Looking for a thoughtful gift for the gardener in your life? Burpee experts have assembled our favorite products with the seasoned gardener in mind.

  • Ultimate Gardener Cart , , large

    Short Description

    Better than a wheelbarrow and easier to use.

  • Garden Tool Set, , large

    Short Description

    The ultimate home garden hand tool set.

  • Elevated Planter Box with Shelf, , large

    Short Description

    The easy and beautiful solution to comfortable gardening.

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    Windowsill Herb Collection, , large

    Short Description

    Grow fresh herbs indoors year-round!

  • Customer favorite
    The Garden Tower 2, , large

    Short Description

    Grows 50 plants vertically with integrated composting!

  • Gardener’s Tools Time Gift Basket, , large

    Short Description

    The essential tool collection to get growing in the garden.

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    Burpee Heritage Seed Collection, , large

    Short Description

    Limited Edition! Collectable Burpee-innovated seed packets!

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    Vegetable Gardening Essentials Gift Basket, , large

    Short Description

    The perfect gift for any vegetable gardener!

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