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Shiitake Mushroom Kit

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Grow your own gourmet Shiitake mushrooms

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Now you can grow big crops of gourmet mushrooms right in your home! The Shiitake Mushroom Kit is so simple to use, all you need is water, moderately cool temperatures, and a little light! It's the ideal gift for children, gardeners, and anyone who loves fresh mushrooms.This kit contains a blend of supplemented hardwood sawdust and other natural materials inoculated with shiitake mushroom spawn. Simply soak the log according to directions and store under the included humidity dome. The mushrooms will immediately begin growing, and you will get several crops within about a 3-month harvest period! Shiitake mushrooms grow year-round, and prefer cooler temperatures than many others. Room temps of 62 - 65 degrees are preferable. Please allow up to 1 week for your kit to be custom-made for you!
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Shiitake Mushroom Kit
Shiitake Mushroom Kit, , large
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Shiitake Mushroom Kit
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