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Garden Cages and Supports

Get better yields and save space in your garden with our selection of cages, towers, ties and fences designed to support your plants throughout their growth.

  • Tomato Towers, , large

    Short Description

    Grow plants straight and tall, taking up much less space.

  • Garden Trellis, , large

    Short Description

    Support vining crops for better yields and more blooms.

    $7.29 - $19.99
    $6.20 - $16.99
  • Grow Through Grated Large Plant Supports, , large

    Short Description

    Keeps your plants looking perfect all season long!

  • XL Pro Series Cage - Silver, , large

    Short Description

    Our tallest and widest cages for managing the biggest tomato plants.

    $41.99 - $83.99
    $35.69 - $71.39
  • Trellising Kit for Palram Greenhouses, , large

    Short Description

    Fits all Palram greenhouses to provide easy hanging and trellising of plants

  • Cucumber and Pea Trellis Kit, , large

    Short Description

    Grow peas, cucumbers and more with this sturdy trellis.

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