Home grown vegetables, herbs and berries have outstanding flavor. Get the most out of your bounty with these delicious fresh-from-the-garden recipes.
George's Secret Tomato Sauce

Burpee's owner shares his secret tomato recipe.

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Seasame Stir Fry
This easy prepare stir fry is suitable for a wide range of seasonal produce, topped with the sweet pea pods.
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Vegetable Soup
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Lemon Tahini Dressing
This light dressing is a refreshing tonic and a fine partner to mesclun combined with a soft butterhead lettuce.
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Roasted Garlic Dressing
The sweet flavor of roasted garlic blended with traditional vinaigrette allows the Looseleaf Blend lettuce to shine.
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Herbed Vinaigrette
Homegrown salad greens deserve a great dressing, and this herbed vinaigrette is a classic.
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