Home grown vegetables, herbs and berries have outstanding flavor. Get the most out of your bounty with these delicious fresh-from-the-garden recipes.
Sweet Cucumber Salad
This light vinaigrette with a dash of sugar is just the right blend to highlight Orient Express cucumbers and will make a perfect accompaniment to sushi or other oriental fare.
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Zesty Cucumber Soup
This uncooked soup is refreshing on a hot summer day. For added flavor, toast sunflower seeds until lightly browned.
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Lemon Balm and Cucumber Soup Recipe

Try this refreshing uncooked soup, which is ideal for hot summer days.

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Easy Pickles

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Chilled Cucumber Soup
Ideal for hot days.
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Corn, Cucumber, and Cilantro Salad
This sweet and chunky salad has the consistency of salsa, but without the heat.
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