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From beginner to master gardener there’s always something new and fun to discover about home gardening. Burpee’s articles and guides show you everything you need to know to grow a successful home garden.
Welcome to Keukenhof, the Greatest Display of Spring Flowering Bulbs in the World
Every spring, tourists from around the globe flock to Lisse, Holland to see the greatest display of spring bulbs in full bloom at the nearly 70 acre display garden simply known as Keukenhof.
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Spring Bulbs- Layering in a container
Succession of bloom from your container bulbs.
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How to Force Indoor Spring Bulbs
Start planning a few months ahead!
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Earliest Spring Blooming Bulbs
Satisfaction in being first on your block with beautiful blooms.
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How to divide spring bulbs- Tulips, Daffodils, Crocus & more
Tips on dividing spring bulbs.
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Spring Bulb Flower Mixes
Astonishing variety of spring-flowering bulbs.
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