Regional Gardening Guide - Zone 7-8

June 1 to June 30-- Discover what you should be doing right now. Our experts share gardening advice, techniques, news, and ideas to make your garden the best ever.

Here’s what’s happening in your gardening region:

June is a slow month for the Southern gardeners as summer temperatures arrive. The good news is that the main summer crops are coming in and summer flowers are blooming. There are still some things that gardeners in our warm area can do.


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Kate is an avid veggie gardener and writer.
She is a board member of the Garden Writer's Association. She authored 2 books: The Downsized Veggie Garden (Feb 2016) and New York & New Jersey Month by Month Gardening (Aug 2016).

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1.) Importance of watering correctly.

1. When June rolls around, summer storms do give some relief from hot, dry days, but most of us have to water plants at some time during the summer. Learn about how to water correctly so that you don’t waste water and the plants are kept happy.


2.) Drought tolerant plants.

2. Some plants need less water than others and in warm climates that tend have warm, dry summers, having some of these plants in areas that you cannot water easily, is a great help. Note that drought tolerant does not mean doesn’t need water – it just needs less attention than others in the garden.


3.) Still plant summer veggies.

3. Spring is the main time to start seeds but continual harvest of beans and summer vegetables can still be done in June.

4.) Recipes for summer veggies.

4. Sometimes, although we love the summer vegetables, they get boring after a while. What you need is inspiration for that bounty of squash and that keeps producing!


5.) Make watering easier.

5. Timers and Hoses That Make Watering Easier: All the garden plants, both flowers and vegetables need water in summer heat. Make watering easier with the right tools.