Regional Gardening Guide - Zone 7-8

June 1 to June 30 - Discover what you should be doing right now. Our experts share gardening advice, techniques, news, and ideas to make your garden the best ever.

Here’s what’s happening in your gardening region:

June is the start of summer heat and humidity which is only broken by summer storms. Summertime is when we just do a little weeding or caretaking in the early morning when the temperatures are cooler.



map for zone 7-8

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Kate is an avid veggie gardener and writer.
She is a board member of the Garden Writer's Association. She authored 2 books: The Downsized Veggie Garden (Feb 2016) and New York & New Jersey Month by Month Gardening (Aug 2016).

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1.) Grow More Beans

1. Grow more beans: Beans are the staple of the summer garden. Healthy and easy to grow there are several types of beans and beans are not just green in color either!

2.) Colorful Beans

2. Colorful Beans: Beans come in different colors and if you have kids, some change color when cooked making them ‘Magic Beans’. Bush or pole beans are both available in colors too.

  • Bean, Pole, Carminat, , large
  • Bean, Bush, Gold Mine, , large
  • Bean, Blue Lake 47 Bush, , large

3.) Classic Southern Vegetables

3. Classic Southern Vegetables: Some vegetables that are grown in south contribute to classic southern cooking. Okra and eggplants are just a few classic southern vegetables.

4.) Growing classic summer vegetables

4. Growing classic summer vegetables: Black-eyed peas, okra and eggplants all enjoy the warm southern summers. Dig out your grandparent’s recipes and try some new classic summer vegetables

  • Cowpeas
    Buy and grow cowpea seeds from More commonly known as black-eyed peas, delicious pickled or allowed to dry.
  • Okra
    Okra seeds provide one of the prettiest vegetables you can grow. Find high yield okra seeds that grow quickly and love the sun available at Burpee seeds. Have a bountiful harvest this year with okra seeds that pump out hefty, full sized pods that are ready to harvest in 50-60 days.
  • Eggplants
    Find eggplant seeds and plants that have pretty purple flowers and handsome, glossy fruits available at Burpee. Eggplant seeds grow well when intermingled with flowers. Browse a huge selection of eggplant seeds and plants that ornamental in your vegetable garden or patio in stock at Burpee.

5.) Support your Summer Vegetables

5. Support your Summer Vegetables: Whether you are supporting beans or heavy melons, we have the perfect way to support them.

  • Melon and Squash Cradle, , large
  • Squash and Cucumber A-Frame, , large
  • Cucumber and Pea Trellis Kit, , large