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Teresa is a garden author, and host of her gardening radio show, "In Your Backyard", every Tuesday 1pm EST on My790am.com.

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1.) Your Dad Raised You, Now You Can Help Dad Raise A Garden.

1. Your Dad Raised You, Now You Can Help Dad Raise A Garden. Helpful advice and products to have a raised garden bed or an arbor or trellis in the landscape.

2.) Summertime Favorites For Your Garden

2. Summertime Favorites For Your Garden: Cannas, Marigolds, and Zinnias.

  • Deer-Resistant Annuals
    Deer-Resistant Annuals
    Choose below from a special selection of annual flowers that are deer-resistant.
  • Canna
    Canna lily bulbs are prized for their glowing color & brilliant foliage. Bring a taste of the tropics to your garden with gorgeous Canna bulbs from Burpee.
  • Container Combos
    Container Combos
    Container flower combos take the guesswork out of determining which plants will grow well together. Shop tested annual flower combinations at Burpee.

3.) It’s Going To Be A Cool, Cool, Summer

3. It’s Going To Be A Cool, Cool, Summer with Cantaloupes and Cucumbers. Learn all about growing these delicious fruits.

4.) Fresh Fruit and Vegetables for Your Summer Picnic

4. Fresh Fruit and Vegetables for Your Summer Picnic. From your garden to the table, there’s nothing better than eating fresh cantaloupe or cucumber salads. So many different varieties to choose from.

  • Cantaloupe
    Find exclusive cantaloupe seeds that produce cantaloupes that are a delight to both taste and smell available at Burpee. Our cantaloupes have extra sweet, juicy flesh and a delicious, musky fragrance that comes from our exclusive strains of cantaloupe seeds in stock at Burpee.
  • Cucumbers
    Find cucumber seeds with exceptional yields and excellent flavors available at Burpee. Shop for American and Asian cucumber seeds that are available in a variety of organic and hybrid strains and are perfect for any home garden in stock at Burpee.
  • Melon, Honeydew Green Flesh Organic, , large

5.) Support Your Local Vines.

5. Support Your Local Vines. Burpee helps you with quality products that make growing your plants a success.

  • Burpee Plant Clips, , large
  • Melon and Squash Cradle, , large
  • Pole Bean And Pea Tower, , large