Who says love doesn’t last? Celebrate your love of gardening with colorful annuals of Burpee’s Amaranthus varieties ‘Love Lies Bleeding’. It’s also a good time to start seeds of ‘Summer Poinsettia’ and carry your love through the days of summer. 

Amaranthus, ‘Love Lies Bleeding’.

Amaranthus ‘Summer Poinsettia”.

Vegetables that can withstand freezing temperatures without damage are onions and chives.  There is still time to plant these delicious vegetables in time for swelling in warmer weather.  Make sure you plant short day onions for southern gardens.

Chives, Common.

Short Day Onions.

Serve delicious meals with greens right from your garden that grow well in Florida’s winter time.  Peppery arugula picked right at meal time adds fresh flavor to your meat and fish entrees.  Plant enough spinach so that you can harvest ‘Double Take’ spinach as baby leaves and leave some to grow to maturity. 

Arugula Rocket (Roquette).

Spinach ‘Double Take’.