How to Plant Burpee Bees Garden

Burpee’s Bee Garden seed mix is designed to be easy to use. It grows quickly and is fun for the whole family to participate in planting and caring for together. The pollinator garden mix can be sown every season except winter.

For immediate enjoyment, start in the early spring right after the danger of frost has passed. If sowing in the early summer, plant the seeds before the weather gets hot (seeds sown in hot climates will require additional watering). Fall is the ideal time to start a bee and butterfly garden—just as nature intended. Seeds planted right after the first killing frost will survive the winter and sprout early the following spring.


  • Select an area outdoors in a sunny location. Clear an area of up to 100 sq. feet; remove grass and other plants, loosen the soil and make it level and smooth.
  • Next, spread the seed as evenly as possible. There are two ways to do this. - Either toss the seeds in the air like ‘feeding chickens’ to create the airborne conditions that spread seeds in nature, - Or, pre-mix the seeds with 2 cups of sand or organic cat litter, and pelletized lime, then broadcast with a hand-held spreader to achieve even distribution.
  • Smooth with back of garden rake, but do not cover; water gently.
  • Seedlings will emerge in approximately 7–21 days. 5. Keep the soil evenly moist until seedlings are 4” tall.


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