Pests & Diseases

Organic Pest Control
Once you see evidence of a bug offensive in your garden, there are steps you can take to protect your plants and re-balance your backyard ecosystem.
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The Challenges of Deer
To deer, a well tended garden is a living feast.
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Tips To Avoid Blossom End Rot
Bossom End Rot occurs when a plant cannot metabolize the calcium it needs to develop properly. Keep reading for expert tips on how to prevent BER.
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Common Diseases of Tomatoes
Good garden hygiene can reduce the chance disease.
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Deer Proof Plants
Even if you live in an area prone to deer damage, you can still have a vibrant, colorful, landscape by picking plants and shrubs that the deer tend not to like.
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Drought Plant Care
Given the magnitude of the drought in the Midwest and continued drought in the south, many of us may face watering restrictions or bans for much of the growing season.
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Using Seed Tapes
Seed tapes make sowing and spacing of seeds a snap. Watch how easy it is to plant with Burpee Seed Tapes.
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Basic insect control
Recognize and treat attacks early.
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