Decorate an Upcycled Plastic Bottle Planter


Did you know that enough plastic bottles are thrown away each year to circle the earth four times?* Taking used goods and repurposing them into something else is a fun and creative way to reduce waste. Plastic bottles can be easily upcycled into planters - we'll show you how to decorate and plant one!

What you need:

• Plastic bottle with bottle cap (a 2-liter soda bottle works great!)
• Sharp scissors or a knife
• Glue
• Googly eyes and other decorations (paint, construction paper, etc.)
Potting Soil or seed starting mix
• Seeds or a small plant


  1. Start with a clean, dry plastic bottle. Using sharp scissors or a knife, cut it in two, just below the bottleneck.
  2. Glue googly eyes onto the middle of the plastic bottle.
  3. Just below and in between the googly eyes, glue the bottle cap into the body of the bottle. The hollow part of the bottle cap should be faced towards the bottle (so it looks like a round nose). Let the glue dry completely.
  4. Add any other decorations or drawings you like to decorate your bottle.
  5. To turn your bottle into a planter, pierce drainage holes into bottom of the bottle with a knife.
  6. Fill your bottle with seed starting mix or potting soil.
  7. Plant seeds or plants, water, and enjoy!

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