Dwarf Sunflower Seeds

Ideal for small spaces and containers.  They are also great for cutting.

  1. Sunflower, Tiger Eye Hybrid
    Sunflower, Tiger Eye Hybrid
    Fantastic for containers on a porch or patio, too.
    As low as $6.95


  2. Sunflower, Sunray Yellow Hybrid
    Sunflower, Sunray Yellow Hybrid
    Uniquely dwarf plants branch out to bear up to fourteen flowers each.
    $6.95 - $55.95
    As low as $6.95

    Seeds & Farmer’s Market Seed & Farmer’s Market Seed

  3. Sunflower, Sunny Bunch
    Sunflower, Sunny Bunch
    Dense, hedge-like sunflower only 3 feet tall!


  4. Sunflower, Teddy Bear
    Sunflower, Teddy Bear
    Soft, fluffy, cushion-like flowers on shorter bushy plants.


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