Fall Favorites

As temperatures begin to drop and days become shorter, we relish the thought of yet another growing season upon us.  Cooler weather is easier on plants - and gardeners! - and the still-warm soil encourages quick root growth.  Pests and diseases are minimal, and there are fewer weeds to cope with.  We've assembled below our favorite fall picks - from crisp lettuce, to juicy blueberries, to lovely lavendar, and our favorite fall gardening supplies, too!

  1. Lavender, SuperBlue
    Lavender, SuperBlue
    Extra hardy rich blue lavender. Tolerates heat and humidity.
    As low as $13.95


  2. Gaillardia, Arizona Sun
    Gaillardia, Arizona Sun
    All-America Selections winner!
    $4.45 - $13.95
    As low as $4.45

    Seeds & Plant

  3. Blueberry, Sunshine Blue
    Blueberry, Sunshine Blue
    At only 3 feet, a container blueberry with hot pink flowers.
    As low as $17.95


  4. Kale, Red Winter Organic
    Kale, Red Winter Organic
    More tender and delicious than other kales.
    As low as $5.95


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