Ultimate Gardening Gift Basket and Unique Gardening Gift Ideas

A wrapped present with gardening tools on top.

Few things perk up a plant-lover in the off-season like thoughtful gardening gifts. Light up their holiday by filling a gardening gift basket with their favorites. Or, give a unique garden gift that will exercise their green thumbs without having to set foot outside, whether it's a pot of amaryllis bulbs about to burst into glorious bloom or a windowsill herb gardening kit.

Better yet, mix and match the ideas below to create a gift as unique as the gardener. Whichever route you choose, it's sure to be their favorite thing under the tree this year. Read on for more ideas and inspiration.

Newbie Gardening Gift Basket

Help a newer gardener grow a more beautiful and bountiful garden by equipping them with the tools they need to be successful. Purchase a set of gardening tool essentials, and throw in a few seed packets to help start their next growing season strong.

Veggie-Lovers' Gardening Gift Basket

Give unique garden gifts that help the person with a flourishing edible garden take their veggie game to the next level. Fill a garden hod or the ultimate gardener cart with items such as:

Ultimate Indoor Gardening Gift Basket

Give a gardener instant holiday color and tropical foliage with lush houseplants they can enjoy well beyond the holiday season. A few favorites include:

Seed-Starters' Gift Basket

Give the person whose gardening season begins in the dead of winter the ultimate tools to get their seeds off to a strong start. Start with the ready-made seed starter gift set, then add on other seed-starting essentials such as:

Flower-Growing Favorites Gift Basket

For the person who focuses on flowers, help them create even more pops of color with gifts that will bring their garden to life. Consider:

Herb-Gardening Aficionado Gift Basket

Give the gift of fresh herbs year-round with a few basic supplies and seeds. Fill a garden hod with:

Gifts Any Gardener Will Love

If a themed gift basket doesn't quite suit the gardener in your life, create a custom one filled with unique gardening gifts they're sure to use, no matter what plants they grow. When you're shopping for gardening gifts, remember that many gardeners have enormous curiosity, vast ambitions and limited time. Here are a few things to help them on their plant-growing journey:

You can always opt for a Burpee gift card and let your recipient choose exactly what they want most. Still, there's something about a well-curated gardening gift basket filled with unique gardening gifts or even a single stocking stuffer that brings joy and the promise of the season to come to any gardener. No matter what, the plant lover in your life is sure to be grateful.

For more gardening-inspired gifts, visit Burpee's Holiday Gift Guide.

Written by Kelly Reilly, www.kelly-reilly.com

Kelly's passion is empowering new gardeners to achieve their goals through accessible, easy-to-understand digital content.

December 6, 2021
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