How to Use an A-Frame Support

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How to Use an A-Frame Support

It’s easy to support vining vegetables like cucumbers, squash and beans with an A-Frame support. Getting your plants to grow upward will reduce their risk for pests and disease and give you a bigger, healthier harvest.

We’ll show you how quick it is to set up your A-Frame and start sowing:


Step 1
To assemble the support, just unfold and pop open! 

Step 2
Place the frame into the garden and sink legs into the soil. 

Step 3
Time to sow! Dig a small trench along one edge of the frame and space seeds according to seed packet directions. Cover seeds with soil and lightly firm, then give a good watering.

The A-Frame supports your vining plants as they grow—plus, it’s a huge space saver in the garden!

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June 18, 2021
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