How to Use a Pole Bean & Pea Tower

How to Use a Pole Bean & Pea Tower

Vining pole beans and peas thrive when grown vertically on a trellis or tower. Using a support will make your harvest much easier to pick, and it will also save tons of space in the garden!

Check out how to set up your Pole Bean and Pea Tower in just a few steps. You should get the tower in place before you start sowing your seeds.

Step 1
Press the lower pole into the soil.

Step 2
Slide the lower support ring over the lower pole, and rotate the ring to ease it down the pole. 

Step 3
Attach ring clips inside the ring to secure.

Step 4
Slide the top pole onto the lower pole, then place the top support ring.

Step 5
Run support strings between the top and lower rings.

Step 6
Time to sow! Using your finger, make small holes 4-6 inches apart beneath the string around the lower support ring. Place 2-3 seeds into each hole, then cover and firm the soil. Don’t forget to give a good watering.

Your pole beans and peas will naturally climb the tower, ensuring an easy and bountiful harvest!

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June 18, 2021
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