How to Use a Pepper & Eggplant Cage

How to Use a Pepper & Eggplant Cage

Supporting peppers and eggplants as they grow will keep them healthy and productive – that means more bountiful, flavorful pickings for you! Preventing the plants from ground sprawl not only deters many common pests, it also simplifies the process of watering, fertilizing and harvesting.

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to use a cage for your plants (we’re using the Pro Series Pepper & Eggplant Support). We recommend placing the support about 2 weeks after transplanting, or even at the time of transplanting if you already have it on hand.

Step 1
Unfold the cage. Form into a triangle and hook the ends together.

Step 2
Center the cage over your plant and press the legs into the soil.

Step 3
Tend to your plants and prepare for a delicious harvest!

Need help sowing, growing or harvesting? Check out our expert Growing Guides for both peppers and eggplants.

June 18, 2021
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