The Quiet Garden

Awash in calming colors and swaying grasses, a Quiet Garden is the perfect place to find inner peach.  The deeply soothing hues of blue Petunias and lilac Impatiens instantly invoke a feeling of well-being, while ornamental grasses like Panicum and Carex have the ability to lull you into a serene state of mind as they whisper and dance in the wind.  It's time to cultivate a tranquil environment where you can contemplate, meditate, relax and refresh.

Plant Your Backyard Oasis


"Plant taller grasses, like Little Bluestem and Panicum, behind lower grasses, like Carex.  Then line the border with Impatiens or Petunias." - Venelin Dimitrov, Horticultural Product & Technique Expert

May 24, 2021
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