All About Brussels Sprouts

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All About Brussels Sprouts

Can I Grow Brussels Sprouts?

Brussels sprouts are relatively easy to grow and take up little space in the garden. They must be started indoors 4 weeks before your last frost date. This is a long season crop planted in spring for a fall harvest.

Brussels Sprout History

In the 13th century brussel sprouts were cultivated near Brussels, from which they got their name. Early ancestors of the brussel sprout were believed to have been grown in ancient Roman times before they were popularized in Europe and the rest of the world. After being grown for centuries, Thomas Jefferson introduced Brussels sprouts to America in the early 1800's.

Should I Grow Brussels Sprout Seeds or Plants?

Redarling hybrid brussel sproutsBrussels sprouts must be started indoors 4 weeks before your last frost date. This is a long season crop, planted in spring for a fall harvest.

How Do I Culivate Brussels Sprouts?

Brussels sprouts like well nourished soils.

Brussels Sprout Growing Tips

Plant the sprouts 2 feet apart in rows 3 feet apart. Provide at least an inch of water per week.


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Brussels Sprout Insects & Diseases

Brussel sprouts are susceptible to the same pests and diseases as other brassica cabbage family members - so avoid planting Brussels sprouts or any of their relatives in the same spot each year.

Brussels Sprout Harvesting Tips

Brussel sproutsWait until after your first frost to begin the Brussels sprout harvest. This "frosting" improves the flavor and sweetness. To harvest, simply twist the sprouts off the stem, gathering only as many as you need at one time. The remaining sprouts will keep on the plants through part of the winter. You can even pick Brussels sprouts when there's snow on the ground.

Brussels Sprout Recipes & Storage

Brussels sprouts are tasty both raw and cooked. Steaming and boiling are the favorite of most gardeners. Sprouts keep in the refrigerator for up to 3 weeks.

May 21, 2021
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