Fun with Homemade Foil Plant Tags


When you plant a seed or plant in the garden in spring it’s important to keep a record of what it is so you can review how you like it at the end of the season. Making these foil plant tags out of simple components is a fun way to help us remember the names of our favorite flowers and vegetables in our gardens.


What You Need:

• Aluminum foil
• Aluminum duct tape
• A ball point pen
• Soft cloth
• Plastic knives or forks left from your last picnic


What To Do:

  1. Cut the foil into strips 1 inch wide and long enough to fit the name of the variety you want to remember.
  2. Cut strips of duct tape to match the foil, but make them slightly longer with extra space for gluing to the knives.
  3. Position the foil to the sticky side of the duct tape, and press firmly to eliminate air pockets.)
  4. Use your ballpoint pen to write the name of the plant. Place the soft cloth under the duct tape to make clear letters.
  5. Wrap the extra part of the duct tape onto the dull side of the plastic knife, or around the tines of the fork.
  6. Mark your rows!

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