Twig N Frame


There are a lot of different ways to make rustic homemade photo frames using sticks and twigs found in your own backyard. Here is one example, but you can create homemade frames out of just about anything!

What you need:

• An old picture frame.
• Lots of sticks, varying in sizes and colors. A few bundles will do.
• Multi-purpose glue that dries clear.
• Garden pruners.
• Decorations for the frame, such as moss, lady bug stickers, dried flowers, and shell.
• Optional: brown paint if the frame is not brown.


  1. Collect as many sticks as you think you may need from your backyard, a nearby park or wooded area. The straighter the stick, the better.
  2. Place the sticks around the picture frame to make sure they are the right size and look good together.
  3. Remove the glass from the frame, so you don’t get glue on the glass.
  4. If your frame is not brown, you may want to paint it with a light brown color because the sticks may not cover the whole frame.
  5. Place glue on the frame sides and begin placing the sticks around the frame. Trim the sticks as needed.
  6. Let the glue and the sticks dry.
  7. Decorate with moss, flowers, whatever treasures you wish!


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