Enchanting Fairy Garden Part 2


Earlier today we make the container, house and fairies for your fairy garden. Now we will make some accessories and a bridge, and then we can assemble the garden.

What you need: Part 2

For the Gazing Ball

• Golf tee
• Paint for the golf tee (optional)
• Marble or glass bead
• Hot Glue Gun

For the Bee Skep

• Miniature clay pot, dollhouse size
• Twine
• Hot glue gun

For the Bridge

• Small Sticks or twigs
• Twine
• Hot glue gun


To Make the Gazing Ball

  1. Paint a golf tee any color you like to match your fairies. We painted ours pink.
  2. Choose a beautiful marble or bead that fits on top of the golf tee. We used a bead.
  3. Add a dab of hot glue to the top of the golf tee and secure your bead or marble.

To Make the Bee Skep

  1. With the miniature flower pot turned upside down, begin gluing twine to the very bottom of the pot.
  2. Keep wrapping the twine carefully around the pot adding little dabs of glue along the way to make sure it stays in place.
  3. Once the pot is covered in twine, create a small loop at the top to create the handle, snip the excess twine and glue the end of the twine in place.

To Make the Bridge

  1. Find 2 twigs that have a similar curve in shape. This will be the starting point of your bridge.
  2. With the 2 curved twigs spaced about 3 inches apart, glue smaller twigs across to create the bridge.
  3. Find 6 twigs about 2.5-3 inches long to be the posts for the bridge. Glue 3 to each side of the bridge spacing them evenly.
  4. Add twine to create the railing between each set of bridge posts.

Assembling your Fairy garden

  1. Using the up-cycled garden that you created this morning, nestle the fairy house among the plants.
  2. Create a stream by laying a path of blue stones through your garden. Make sure the stream isn’t too wide that your bridge cannot cross over it perfectly.
  3. Add the miniature mushrooms, butterflies and birds nest to the garden in little nooks of your garden. Add the bee skep.
  4. Stick your gazing ball into the soil.
  5. Add your fairies to the garden.
  6. Add dried moss throughout your garden to give it that enchanting feel.

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