Eggshell Garden Hatchings

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Create your own carton of garden hatchings! This is a great, inexpensive way to start your seed indoors, and have lots of fun being creative at the same time!

What you need:

• A carton of eggs, washed and dried. You can use any clean egghsells as well.
• Egg Carton
• Seeds. Basil is great for this project, or sprouts. Something that can be transplanted in a week or two.
• Small spoon
• Wet paper towel or moist towelette
• Mister
• Decorations: Googly eyes, stickers, pipe cleaners
• Sharpie to draw faces


  1. Crack the eggs open and empty the contents. Wash and dry the shells.
  2. Decorate the outside of the shell with stickers, funny eyes, and draw features. Remember the seedlings will resemble hair.
  3. Gently spoon the seed starting mix into the eggshell. (TIP: cover the bottom of the carton with a paper towel or tin foil so you can easily clean up the soil that spills.)
  4. Drop in 2-3 seeds into each shell and cover with a little soil, as directed on the seed packet.
  5. Use your moist towelette top wipe off any excess soil from the shells.
  6. Mist the soil and place it in a sunny windowsill
  7. Water gently and watch the "hair" grow! Remove all but one seedling when they are about 1 inch tall.
  8. In a week or two, crack the shells and plant the seedlings into your garden. If you are growing sprouts, enjoy them in a few days!


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