Grow Sprouts to Eat

Growing sprouts for eating is fun, fast and delicious! Sprouts are rich in fiber, protein, amino acids, and sources of vitamins A, B, C and E. You can sprout a wide range of seeds for eating, from smaller seed such as cress, celery and dill for salad greens, to crunchier seeds such as mung and soy beans used in Asian cooking. You can use just about any vegetable seed for edible sprouts as long as they are not treated with any chemicals (Burpee does not treat any of its seeds). This easy "grow it yourself" project will teach your kids how to sprout seeds that they can eat. They can exercise their artistic skills too as they decorate their containers. Note: Do NOT use tomato or rhubarb seeds for sprouting as they are toxic.

What You Need:

  • Several hard boiled eggs per child
  • Sharpie or marker and/or paints to decorate the egg shell
  • Damp paper towels
  • Clear plastic wrap to cover the seeds until they have sprouted
  • Seeds for sprouting: Microgreens, Burpee's Mix 62139; Broccoli Sprout seeds 66506S, Mung Bean Sprout Seed 66076S
  • Egg cups or egg carton to hold the eggs upright


What To Do:
Before beginning the project with your kids, hard boil and cool the eggs. Make sure you have a few extra for learning curves.

  • Have the kids look at the different seeds and have them guess which will germinate first.
  • Carefully have the kids remove the top third-half of the egg and gently scoop out the egg. They can eat the egg or discard it.
  • Have the kids decorate the eggs with faces or any kind of design that would look cool with the sprouts on top. If they draw faces the sprouts will look like hair.
  • Fill the emptied shell with damp paper towel strips.
  • Have the kids press the seeds into the top of the paper towels, spreading them evenly and making contact with the paper towel.
  • Gently water the seeds and cover with plastic wrap.

In a few days the seeds should start sprouting and are ready to eat!
Variations: You can use any kind of container for sprouting seeds as long as it is waterproof. You just need damp paper towels and the seed.

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