All About Carrots

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Can I Grow Carrots?

Carrots are an easy to grow cool-season crop. All you need is a bright, sunny location with well-drained soil that is free from stones. Simply plant the seeds directly in soil that has been worked to at least the depth of the mature carrots size. Children love to grow carrots.

Carrots History

Carrots have been harvested for centuries, dating back to medieval times. Their color was not just the bright orange we have come to know them by, but were found in shades of purple, red, yellow and even white.

Should I Grow Carrot Seeds Or Plants?

Carrots are best grown from seed since once they germinate carrots do not like having their roots disturbed.


How To Cultive Carrots

It's important to thin carrot seedlings - allow 3 inches between each in a row. This allows enough room for the carrot roots to grow without crowding.

Tips for Growing Carrots

Properly loosened soil is the trick for growing large, perfect carrots. Roots can't grow in compact soil and your carrots will not reach their full size and shape. Also, water and feed carrots regularly to promote good, quick growth. This is important for developing bushy top greens that help shade the root shoulders from direct sunlight, a major cause of the greenish coloration seen on the tops of some carrots.

Carrots can also be grown in containers if space in the garden is limited.

The use of a vegetable fertilizer can help to ensure that your soil has enough nutrients for carrots to grow properly in.

Growing Carrots in Your Vegetable Garden


Carrot Insects & Diseases

Carrots are virtually disease and pest free.

Carrot Harvesting Tips

Growing carrot vegetablesCarrots can be harvested at almost any time in their growth cycle. Baby carrots are a delicious snack for children and a gourmet treat all by themselves. Carrots will keep in the garden until well after the first frost right up until the ground freezes in winter. In milder climates you can leave carrots in the garden and harvest all winter long.

Carrot Recipes & Storage

Carrots have many, many uses from raw to cooked to steamed and sautéed. They are a fine addition to salads and snack trays and are great for dipping. The young tops can be used to flavor soups.


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