All About Beets

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Can I Grow Beets?

Beets are a cool season favorite grown for their fleshy, round to oblong roots. Beets can also tolerate hot temperatures too. Easy to grow, just plant seed in well-loosened soil after danger of hard frost has passed.

What is the History of Beef Plants?

Beets have been cultivated for thousands of years, originally grown mainly for their tasty greens. In more recent times beets have been valued for the earthy sweetness of the cylindrical roots.

Should I Grow Beet Seeds or Plants?

Beets are best grown from seed, planted directly into the early spring garden.

How Do I Cultivate Beet Plants?

Since beets grow best in cool weather, a thin application of mulch can sometimes help keep the roots temperate during the hotter days of summer.

Tips For Growing Beets

Make sure that your beets have adequate water for developing healthy and large roots. Add plenty of organic material to encourage growth.

Insects & Diseases That Can Kill Beets

Beets are rarely bothered by and pests or diseases.

Harvesting Tips For Beet Plants

Beets can begin to be harvested when they get to the size of a golf ball. These baby beets are fantastically flavorful and incredibly tender. Do not neglect the tops - the tasty greens are a special bonus.

Beet Recipes & Storage

Beets are delicious baked, grilled, roasted or broiled. Serve either hot or cold. Fantastic in salads.

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