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Can I Grow Beans?

Beans are one of the easiest and most carefree garden vegetables. Anyone can grow plenty of fresh beans.

What is the History of the Bean Plant?

Beans are probably the most popular vegetable ever, dating back thousands of years.

Should I Plant Bean Seeds or Plants?

Since beans are so easy and quick to grow, it's best to sow seeds directly in the spring garden after all danger of frost has passed. Keep sowing every 2 weeks for a constant supply of delicious beans.

How To Cultivate Bean Plants?

Beans cannot tolerate any frost, so plant after all danger of frost, waiting until the soil is somewhat warm. When beans emerge, thin to 6 inches apart.

Bean Plant Growing Tips

Grow different types of beans for a constant supply and variety of these garden delicacies. The plants may stop producing beans at the hottest point of summer. When temperatures back down, beans will again begin to grow.

Insects & Diseases That Can Affect Bean Plants

Beans are not bothered by many insects or diseases. Beetles may take a liking to the plants.

Bean Plant Harvesting Tips

Beans can be harvested at any size as long as the pods are firm and crisp. Be sure to pick beans frequently to ensure the crop keeps producing.
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