2016 Pollinator Mix includes:


Genus Species

Common Name


Gypsophila elegans

Annual Baby's Breath

Calendula officinalis


Phacelia tanacetifolia

Lacy Phacelia

Lupinus  perennis

Perennial Lupine

Centaurea cyanus


Cheiranthus allionii

Siberian Wallflower

Linum grandiflorum rubrum

Scarlet Flax

Cynoglossum amabile

Chinese Forget-me-not

Trifolium incarnatum

Crimson Clover

Cosmos bipinnatus


Eschscholzia californica

California Poppy

Coreopsis tinctoria

Plains Coreopsis

Gaillardia pulchella

Annual Gaillardia

Linum perenne

Blue Flax

Rudbeckia hirta

Black Eyed Susan

Lobularia maritima

Sweet alyssum

Viola tricolor


Delphinium consolida


Zinnia elegans

Zinnia (s39195 Prince & Princess )
Pink and Purple Mix

Helianthus annuus

Sunflower( S44026 Italian White)

Papaver rhoeas

Corn Poppy


SOW outdoors in a sunny location. Clear an area of up to 200 sq. feet; remove grass and other plants, loosen the soil, level and smooth. Spread the seed evenly.
Press into the soil, do not cover, firm and water gently. Seedlings emerge in approximately 7-21 days. Keep evenly moist until seedlings are 4" tall.



SPRING Sow after danger of frost.

EARLY SUMMER Sow before the weather is very hot. Summer sowing will require additional watering.

FALL Sow after the first killing frost. Seeds will be fine over winter and sprout in early spring. Plants will begin to bloom 60 days after sprouting.