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Indoor Sow Seeds

Starting plants from seed indoors is a great way to get a jump-start on spring. Many favorite varieties are best set in the garden as transplants. Start most of these 6-10 weeks before your last frost date. Visit our seed starting section to find everything you need.

Indoor Sow Seeds

Grow Burpee's Tomato Seeds and Plants in your home garden. Shop our beefsteak, cherry, slicing, paste, and heirloom tomatoes at

Tomato, Summer Girl Hybrid

Earlier than Early Girl with larger fruit and improved yields.

Tomato, Baby Boomer Hybrid

Perfect for the patio. Big bumper crops of delicious cherry tomatoes.
Grow Burpee pepper seeds and plants in your home garden. Shop hot jalapenos, habaneros, sweet Italian and bell peppers at

Favorite Sweet Pepper Collection

Six plants, one each of our most popular varieties.

Pepper Sweet Corno Di Toro Rosso HL

Multi-talented Italian heirloom: delicious raw, fried, stuffed or grilled.

Pepper, Sweet, Nikita Hybrid

Loaded with bold, bright flavor and crispness.
With pretty purple flowers and handsome glossy fruits, eggplants are ornamental not only in your vegetable garden but in patio tubs and pots. Try eggplant seeds and plants intermingled with flowers.

Eggplant, Shooting Stars

An excellent choice for containers, the garden or both.

Eggplant, Black Beauty

HEIRLOOM. From 1902, it remains a standard worldwide for large-fruited black eggplant.

Eggplant, Early Midnight Hybrid

Early, nearly seedless fruits are a gourmet treat inside and out.

Seed Starting

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Seed starting supplies from the most trusted name in home gardening at including greenhouse kits, grow lights, heat mats, and trays.

Ultimate Seed Starting Gift Sets

Everything you need to grow perfect seedlings at home.

XL Ultimate Growing System

All in one self watering kit with 32 extra-large seed starting cells.

Seedlings Heat Mat

Increases temperature—your seeds germinate faster and grow faster.