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Direct Sow Vegetable Seeds

a veggie lovers dream...

Sow these vegetable seeds directly into your garden for a bountiful harvest of Lettuce, Beans, Cucumbers, Squash, and more.
Burpee bean seeds are perfect for any home garden. Shop snap, sugar, lima and soybeans at

Bean, Monte Gusto

Yellow wax pole bean bursting with flavor and yields the season through.

Bean, Carminat

Savory purple pods with a nutty sweetness.

Bean, Prevail

Heat-beating bush bean with delectable flavor.
Burpee sweet corn seeds are perfect for home gardens. Shop and grow the many tastes and colors of sweet corn at

Corn, Amaize Hybrid

Amaize is asked for by name at grocery stores around the country because of its unrivaled flavor.

Corn, Suntava Full Season Purple Hybrid

Extraordinary purple corn is scrumptious and healthy!

Corn, Sweetness Hybrid

Exceptional sweetness and extra early.
Burpless' cucumbers, both American and Asian types, contain low or no cucurbitacin, the compound that causes bitterness and increases one's susceptibility to 'burping' after eating the fruits. Frequent watering will also decrease fruit bitterness.

Cucumber, Fresh Pickles Hybrid

Perfect for the patio, snacking and pickling. Exceptional yields.

Cucumber, Summer Dance Hybrid

Japanese burpless variety with high resistance to Downy and Powdery mildew.
Burpee's squash seeds grow in any home garden. Shop our zucchini, butternut, scallop, winter and summer squash at Burpee Seeds.

Squash, Summer, Cupcake Hybrid

Shaped like a cupcake with sweet flavor and soft skin.

Squash, Summer, Green Eggs Hybrid

The perfect grilling squash with caramelized, nutty taste and creamy flesh.
Direct sow carrot seeds every 2 weeks during the second season and mulch to keep the ground from freezing to pull sweet carrots all winter.

Carrot, Mokum Hybrid

Early variety keeps sweet flavor even in warm weather.

Carrot, Touchon

HEIRLOOM. Sweet and tender, quick to mature.

Carrot, Nantes Half Long

Slim, cylindrical, orange roots.
Beets are a favorite direct sow vegetable for spring or fall. With their earthy sweetness and rich color, beets are delicious pickled, roasted, steamed or baked. Tasty greens are a special treat. Very easy to grow.

Beet, Detroit Dark Red Med Top

Unbeatable beets: dark red, extremely sweet flesh.

Beet, Burpee's Golden

Sweet, mild flavor with an inviting gold color.

Beet, Detroit Dark Red Organic

Dark red, extremely sweet flesh. Certified Organic.
Our lettuce selection guarantees that your salads are endlessly appetizing and varied. There are four main kinds of lettuce to choose from: Butterhead (Bibb), Crisphead (Iceberg), Looseleaf (Cutting) and Romaine. Fast-growing & delicious, garden greens.

Simply Salad, Wonder Wok Mix

A delicious mix-up of tasty Asian greens you grow from multiseed pellets.

Lettuce, Ruby Glow

Full-flavored with vibrant-red hearts awakens salads.

Sweetheart Lettage, Caraflex Hybrid

Space-saving mini cabbage stores for up to 10 weeks.
The French approach to salad greens--"mesclun" means "mixture." Early sweet lettuces and tangy, tender greens are pre-mixed to grow together for easy cutting. They're as pretty in the garden as they are in the bowl. Harvest most mixes in 30 days.

Mesclun, Sweet Salad Mix

Beautiful blend of Heirloom greens.

Mesclun, Classic Mix

Sweet lettuces and tangy, tender greens are pre-mixed in just the right proportions.
Zucchini produces fruits with green, yellow, gray or black skin and is sure to be extremely prolific in your summer garden. Pick fruits at 6-8" long.

Squash, Summer, Fordhook Zucchini

All-America Selections winner for vigorous bush-like plants.

Squash, Summer, Burpee Hybrid Zucchini

Our best-selling zucchini for over 40 years.

Squash, Burpee's Best Hybrid

Earlier harvests, out of this world yields and exceptional vigor.

All Direct Sow Seeds

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Browse all of Burpee's direct sow seeds including beets, cucumbers, squash radish and more.

Pea, Masterpiece

A triple treat sensation! Parsley-like tendrils, peas, and pod are all edible and delicious.

Cucumber, Fresh Pickles Hybrid

Perfect for the patio, snacking and pickling. Exceptional yields.

Corn, Amaize Hybrid

Amaize is asked for by name at grocery stores around the country because of its unrivaled flavor.

How To Plant & Grow Lettuce  4:07

Learn how to plant and grow lettuce from Burpee's expert horticulturist.

How To Direct Sow Seeds  3:40

Learn how to direct sow seeds from Burpee's expert horticulturist.

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