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Lettuce Seeds

4 types to choose!

Our lettuce selection guarantees that your salads are endlessly appetizing and varied. There are four main kinds of lettuce to choose from: Butterhead (Bibb), Crisphead (Iceberg), Looseleaf (Cutting) and Romaine. There is no wrong choice among these fast-growing, delicious, garden greens.
Looseleaf lettuce seeds are fast-growing and won’t form tight heads. Make rainbow salads in chartreuse, deep green and bronzy reds. Space seeds 6" apart so you can cut individual leaves at any stage and the plants will keep producing.

Lettuce, Oak Leaf

Ornamental edible heirloom that can take the heat and the cold.

Lettuce, Red Salad Bowl

Maroon-red, deeply cut and finely divided leaves, very attractive in tossed salad.
Romaine lettuce contain elongated, thick leaves which are crisp and savory, and hold these qualities well after harvest. Very heat resistant, the plants are slow to bolt; ideal for either fall or spring. Space romaine lettuce seeds 12" apart.

Lettuce, Cimarron

A red romaine with terrific flavor—and an American favorite since the 1700s.


Brightly flavored German variety with pretty, flavorful leaves.

Lettuce, Vivian

This is one ceasar all of Rome would have loved!
Crisphead lettuce contain curved, overlapping leaves which form crispy, firm round heads. Inside, creamy white leaves are tightly packed. Deep green outer leaves are delicious too.

Lettuce, Red Grenoble

Vigorous variety with tasty deep-green leaves.
Butterhead lettuce is the largest and best-flavored group of lettuces. Tender leaf lettuces form a tightly folded head with delicate buttery flavor. Typically smaller heads than other types. Butterheads usually take between 55 to 75 days to mature.

Sweetheart Lettage, Caraflex Hybrid

Space-saving mini cabbage stores for up to 10 weeks.

Lettuce, Buttercrunch

All-America Selections winner. Extremely popular lettuce with luscious, buttery texture.

Lettuce, Burpee Bibb

The sweetest bibb lettuce ever!
Shop our complete list of lettuce seeds including iceberg (crisphead), romaine, looseleaf and butterhead (bibb).

Simply Salad, Wonder Wok Mix

A delicious mix-up of tasty Asian greens you grow from multiseed pellets.

Sweetheart Lettage, Caraflex Hybrid

Space-saving mini cabbage stores for up to 10 weeks.

Lettuce, Ruby Glow Hybrid

Full-flavored with vibrant-red hearts awakens salads.
Growing Info

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