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Bean, Lima, Burpee's Best Pole

This bean beat all others in our taste tests!

Burpee Exclusive

Like Fordhook bush lima, with higher yields and bigger pods. Superb fresh or frozen. Burpee Bred. Proven tops for productivity, flavor and wide adaptability. Pole limas yield much more heavily and longer than bush types. Big plants can get 12 ft. tall. Sow seeds 4-6" apart in full sun, thin seedlings to 1ft. apart. A packet (30 seeds) will plant a 30 ft. row; 1 lb., a 240 ft. row. Burpee's Best. 92 days.

Product Details

Growth Habit: Pole 

Days to Maturity: 92  days

Sun: Full Sun 

Height: 6-12  feet

Spread: 18  inches

Thinning: 6 inches 

Sowing Method: Direct Sow 

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Bean, Lima, Burpee's Best Pole
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