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Pak Choi, White Choi

A favorite for Asian cuisine. Ready in just 30 days.
30-60 days. Bolts later than any other pak choi in the patch. Pak choi, also known as ‘bok choy’, takes its name from the Chinese name for "soup spoon" because of its leaf shape. Featured prominently in Asian cuisine, pak choi’s flavor lingers somewhere between mild cabbage and spinach. Crisp tender leaves delicately flavor soups, salads, and stir-fries, and are splendid simply sautéed, steamed or enjoyed raw. Looking like a squat celery, the thick, translucent white stalks with flared deep-green leaves are entirely edible. Ready to harvest as baby leaf in 30 days from sowing, or between 60 days as semi-mature to full-size heads.

Product Details

Days to Maturity: 30-60  days

Sun: Full Sun 

Sowing Method: Direct Sow 

Spread: 8-10  inches

Height: 10-14  inches

Thinning: 8 inches 

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Pak Choi, White Choi
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