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Organic Seed Starting Mix

Specially formulated by the experts at Burpee this organic, eco-friendly mix will help you grow your best garden ever.

An eco-friendly way to start seed indoors the organic way. Burpeeā€™s proprietary seed starting formula gives your seeds everything they need to grow fast, healthy and strong.

  • Absorbs water faster and retains it longer than mixes made with peat moss.
  • Grows healthier seedlings due to better root aeration and natural fertilizer.
  • Made primarily of coir, a renewable resource made from coconut husks.
  • Has a neutral PH perfect for most young seedlings.

10 quart bag (6 lbs)

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Burpee Eco-friendly Seed Starting Mix  2:03

The easy and eco-friendly way to start seeds indoors. Specially formulated to grow strong, healthy plants.
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Organic Seed Starting Mix
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