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Gardening in the South

Southern gardeners can harvest a cornucopia of homegrown produce, from tomatoes and corn to blueberries and figs. The soils are rich, the growing season is long, and there’s plenty of warmth and sunshine. Discover the best vegetables, flowers, fruits and herbs that are uniquely suited for growing in southern climates.

Southern Favorite Vegetables

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Try these vegetable varieties which have been proven successful in the South by our Burpee customers including heat tolerant seeds and plants.

Tomato, Brandy Boy Hybrid

A huge pink beefsteak tomato with incredible heirloom flavor and very high yields.

Tomato, Sweet Seedless Hybrid

The world's first seedless tomato!

Southern Annuals

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Annual flowers that thrive in the heat of our Southern home gardens.

Zinnia, State Fair Mix

Jumbo flowers in an array of colors.

Petunia, Purple Wave™ Hybrid

Purple Wave petunia, the original groundcover petunia.

Southern Perennials

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We recommend these perennial flowers and shrubs for the Southern hardiness zones.

Columbine, Origami Red & White

An extravaganza of enormous, showy 2-3" red and white blooms.

Asclepias, Butterfly Weed

Prolific bloomer from June to August.

Hosta, Dancing Stars

Incredible thick leaves that holds the crisp colors better than any similar types.

Seed Starting

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Seed starting supplies from the most trusted name in home gardening at including greenhouse kits, grow lights, heat mats, and trays.

Fiber Pot, 4.5" Round, 10-Pack

Large 4.5"¿ Round Pots that you plant right into the garden

Organic Seed Starting Formula 10 Quarts

Provides proper conditions for healthy root and foliage development.

Organic Tomato Formula 10 Quarts

Supplies food to natural microbes to ensure plant performance and health.

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