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Tomato Seeds and Plants

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Burpee tomato seeds and plants are easy to grow, rewarding and versatile in the kitchen. Select below from the solid and meaty beefsteak tomato, the small and succulent cherry tomato, the traditional heirloom tomato, and the guaranteed certified organic tomato. Garden ready tomato plants ship at proper planting time for your zone.

Tomato Seeds and Plants

Garden Ready Tomato Plants

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Burpee tomato plants are the easy way to grow all your favorite and new tomatoes. We do all the growing for you and deliver healthy, vigorous plants at just the right time for planting in your region.

Tomato, Summer Girl Hybrid

Earlier than Early Girl with larger fruit and improved yields.

Tomato, SuperSauce Hybrid

The world's largest sauce tomato!


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Beefsteak tomatoes are large, juicy tomatoes perfect for eating fresh from the harvest. Beefsteaks are typically wide tomatoes, but the more round types have a sweeter flavor.

Tomato, Big Daddy Hybrid

Bred from the all-time great Big Boy with improved disease resistance.

Tomato, Burpee's Big Boy Hybrid

One of the greatest tomatoes of all time and still a best seller.


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Pearly round or plum-shaped, tangy or sweet, red or gold, cherry tomatoes top off summer salads, sweeten party trays, and treat the kids. Cherry tomato plants ship in Spring at proper planting time.

Tomato, Mighty Sweet Hybrid

Our first determinate grape tomato.

Tomato, Sunchocola Hybrid

Sweet, smoky flavored cherry tomato. Very productive.

Tomato, Tomatoberry Garden Hybrid

Pretty, heart-shaped tomato was our 2012 taste test champ.
Try growing these Burpee paste tomato seeds and plants to use in cooking your next spaghetti sauce or soup.

Tomato, Roma VF

The classic sauce and paste tomato.

Tomato, SuperSauce Hybrid

The world's largest sauce tomato!


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Saladette tomatoes are best for salsas and salads. Like paste tomatoes, you can also use them to make sauce.

Tomato, Honey Delight Hybrid

A taste test winner in Fordhook trials, the uniform 4-ounce fruit grow prolifically on the vine.

Tomato, Fresh Salsa

A gourmet garden breakthrough.

Tomato, Mountain Magic Hybrid

The most disease-resistant tomato we've ever seen.


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Slicer tomato seeds and plants are great hybrids that produce heavy yields of delicious, extra-tasty fruits.

Tomato, Summer Girl Hybrid

Earlier than Early Girl with larger fruit and improved yields.

Tomato, Sweet Seedless Hybrid

The world's first seedless tomato!

Tomato, Fourth Of July Hybrid

The first tomato to ripen by Independence Day.

Heirloom Tomatoes

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Burpee's heirloom tomatoes are proven to have an aroma, flavor and freshness money can't buy. Garden ready heirloom tomato plants ship at proper planting time for your growing zone.

Tomato, Brandywine Red (Potato Leaf)

A delicious descendent of the illustrious Brandywine, the gold standard of heirloom tomatoes.

Tomato, Druzba

Beautiful heirloom tomato with perfect form!

Tomato, Caspian Pink

From Russia with flavor: large, delectable pink tomatoes.

Container Tomatoes

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Growing tomatoes in containers is fun and rewarding. On the deck, patio or in the garden- container tomatoes are very easy to grow. The secret is in choosing varieties that have a dwarf or bush growth habit.

Tomato, Tumbling Tom Yellow Hybrid

A great cherry tomato for containers and hanging baskets.

Tomato, Bush Big Boy

Our classic Big Boy has been made better, especially for small-space gardeners.

Tomato, Bush Early Girl Hybrid

Extra-large, extra-early tomatoes grow on a true bush.

All Tomatoes

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Browse our complete list of tomato seeds and plants that add aroma, flavor and freshness to every home garden.

Tomato, Summer Girl Hybrid

Earlier than Early Girl with larger fruit and improved yields.

Tomato, Porterhouse Hybrid

The greatest extra-large beefsteak tomato we've ever bred.
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