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Fall Perennial Plants

Choose from our full list of flowers, vines, ferns, grasses and shrubs to create your beautiful perennial garden.

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  • Lilac, Bloomerang Dark Purple PPAF, , large

    Lilac, Bloomerang Dark Purple PPAF

    Short Description

    Fragrant blooms cover 4-6 ft shrubs. Exceptionally hardy.

  • Butterfly Bush, Nanho Purple, , large

    Butterfly Bush, Nanho Purple

    Short Description

    Butterfly bush for smaller gardens!

  • Buddleia, Peach Cobbler PPAF, , large

    Buddleia, Peach Cobbler PPAF

    Short Description

    A smaller, more manageable butterfly bush.

  • Buddleia, Miss Molly , , large

    Buddleia, Miss Molly

    Short Description

    Amazing Color!

  • Buddleia, Wisteria Lane PPAF , , large

    Buddleia, Wisteria Lane PPAF

    Short Description

    Large, dense plants display an uncommon weeping habit with majestic flowers.

  • Butterfly Bush, Butterfly Hybrid Mix, , large

    Butterfly Bush, Butterfly Hybrid Mix

    Short Description

    A hardy butterfly bush that blooms the first year from seed.

  • Lilac, Scent and Sensibility Pink PPAF , , large

    Lilac, Scent and Sensibility Pink PPAF

    Short Description

    Lilac pink flowers bloom heavily in spring.

  • Lilac, Tiny Dancer™, , large

    Lilac, Tiny Dancer™

    Short Description

    Dwarf, mildew resistant lilac.

  • Buddleia, Santana PP12383, , large

    Buddleia, Santana PP12383

    Short Description

    Variegated buddleia with fragrant purple blooms.

  • Buddleia, 'Miss Violet' PPAF, , large

    Buddleia, 'Miss Violet' PPAF

    Short Description

    Fragrant floriferous beacon draws an entourage of butterflies.

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