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Patio and Small Space Gardening

Optimize your garden with space saving vegetable and plant varieties that are ideal for Patio, Container or Home Gardens.
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Patio Vegetables

Burpee's patio vegetables are ideal for containers, small space or patio gardens. Seeds and plants for tomatoes, peppers, lettuce and more at Burpee Seeds.

Tomato, Patio Princess Hybrid

Perfectly sized, petite tomato plants for patio containers.

Tomato, BushSteak Hybrid

Now grow beefsteak tomatoes in a container. As featured in "The Best of Fine Gardening" magazine, Summer 2005 .

Lettuce, Looseleaf Blend

Five favorites in one pack.

Lettuce, Heatwave Blend

Lettuce that keeps its cool in the heat, remaining productive and tasty longer.

Beet, Detroit Dark Red Med Top

Unbeatable beets: dark red, extremely sweet flesh.

Tomato, Bush Early Girl Hybrid

Extra-large, extra-early tomatoes grow on a true bush.
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Patio Flowers

Shop Burpee's colorful flowers that bloom beautifully throughout the year in your patio garden.

Petunia, Pink Wave™ Hybrid

Bright eyed color with spreading habit.

Dianthus, Diana's Blueberry Hybrid

True blue color now in a dianthus.

Geranium, Border Mix

Uniformly large flower heads up to 5in. across, in dazzling shades.

Petunia, Misty Lilac Wave™ Hybrid

Splashes of light lavender create a seafoam look.

Nasturtium, Vesuvius

HEIRLOOM. Dark blue-green leaves, salmon blooms.

Zinnia, White Wedding

The most brilliant white zinnia you'll ever see.
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Patio Herbs

Patio herbs include annual and perennial herb plants which will increase the flavor of any home cooked meal.

Basil, Genovese

Best basil for Italian pesto.

Thyme, Common

Aromatic leaves season meats, poultry, stews, sauces, soups and dressings.

Basil, Greek

HEIRLOOM. Great basil with tomatoes, in salads or sauces.

Chives, Common

Cut leaves for salads, potatoes, soups.

Basil, Sweet

This is the classic basil.

Chives, Garlic

Flavor is midway between garlic and onion.

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Customer Favorites:

Tomato, BushSteak Hybrid

Tomato, BushSteak Hybrid

Now grow beefsteak tomatoes in a container. As featured in "The Best of Fine Gardening" magazine, Summer 2005 .

Coleus, Chocolate Mint Splash

Coleus, Chocolate Mint Splash

Brings bold drama to partially shady corners of your garden.

Basil, San Remo

Basil, San Remo

Aromatic and flavorful, produces all summer into the cool days of fall.

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