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March 1 to March 30-- Discover what you should be doing right now. Our experts share gardening advice, techniques, news, and ideas to make your garden the best ever.

Here’s what’s happening in your gardening region:

March is the beginning of the seed-starting season and the countdown in on to the last frost date in the area – check your local Extension Service for the last frost date for your county. The first things to start are the cool weather cabbages and kales, and in milder regions, you can start potatoes and peas as well.


1. Learn about cool season crops.

Learn about cool weather crops: Some crops, particularly leafy greens, like to be started early so that they are harvested before the heat of summer arrives. Learn about growing cool weather lettuces, cabbages and other leafy greens.

  • Start Your Garden with Cool Season Vegetables
    Extending the season with cool weather vegetables will keep your dinner table full of fresh nutritious vegetables for at least a few weeks longer.
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  • All About Lettuce

    Gardeners can select from a large variety of lettuces that are easy to grow, highly productive in limited space, and virtually pest and disease free.

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  • All About Kale

    As winter crops, kale and collards can't be beat. These two members of the cole family are the least problematic and hardiest plants in the wide and varied Brassica tribe.

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2. Look at some of Burpee's new selections to start now.

Look at some of Burpee’s new selections to start now: Each year Burpee introduces new varieties to the site. Many of these are flowers and summer vegetables but some new cool season vegetables are there too.

  • Cool Weather Vegetable Garden, , large
  • Spinach, Double Take Hybrid , , large
  • Kale, Prizm Hybrid, , large

3. Learn about seed starting

Learn about seed starting: whether you are starting just one or two lettuces seeds inside, or enough tomato plants to give to neighbors, getting the seeds started at the right time and giving them the right conditions is important. Take a minute to watch these 3 short videos on how to start seeds correctly so that you have a successful experience:

4. Some cool season flowers can be started early too

Some cool season flowers can be started early too: Much of the early season is focused on the vegetable garden, but some flowers like to be started now too. Some plants take a long time to grow from seedling to full size plant ready for the garden, others prefer spring sunshine to summer heat.

  • Cool Weather Flower Garden, , large
  • Sweet Pea, Enchante, , large

5. Get seed starting equipment ready.

Seed starting supplies: Growing from seed indoors needs just a few basic tools – something to grow in, some seed and a way to water the seeds. For starting a lot of seeds though you get better results with extra indoor light, extra heat under the seed tray and a ‘greenhouse’ cover to keep the soil moist while the seeds germinate. Make your seed starting a success with these supplies.