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January 1 to January 31-- Discover what you should be doing right now. Our experts share gardening advice, techniques, news, and ideas to make your garden the best ever.

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In January when it is cold and there may be snow on the ground, it is easy to turn our backs and minds away from the garden. But there are still a few things we can do both in and out of the garden to help it and us survive winter and prepare for spring.


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Carol Michel is a lifelong gardener and resident of Indiana with a Bachelor’s degree in Horticulture Production from Purdue University.
She regularly writes gardening related topics for Indiana Gardening and on her award-winning garden blog, She is the author of the recently released book Potted & Pruned: Living a Gardening Life.

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1.) Make plans on paper for new gardens in the spring.

1. Winter is a good time to put plans on paper for new gardens, including vegetable gardens, flower gardens, or an entire landscape. It is also an excellent time to start a garden journal to keep track of everything in and around your garden.


2.) Maintain indoor plants.

2. Keep up with your indoor plants, checking for insects and keeping them watered. If you aren’t good about remembering to water your indoor plants, look for self-watering containers. Many indoor plants may also benefit from supplemental lighting during the dark winter days.

  • Burpee Table Top Grow Light, , large
  • Stacked Herb Garden , , large
  • Puro 20 Planter, , large

3.) Grow and enjoy indoor grown microgreens, sprouts, and herbs.

3. Grow and enjoy microgreens, sprouts, and even herbs to add to salads and sandwiches and to use as a garnish throughout the cold months.

4.) Gather up seed starting supplies.

4. Prepare for starting seeds in late winter by gathering up seed starting supplies including trays, heat mats, and fresh seed starting soil.

  • 72 and 36 Cell Greenhouse Kits, , large
  • Seedlings Heat Mat, , large
  • Organic Seed Starting Formula 10 Quarts, , large

5.) Read up about the latest new seed introductions for the coming growing season.

5. Read up on the latest new plant introductions for the coming year. There are always new, improved vegetables to grow each year, including many new tomato hybrids. Place seed orders early to ensure you don’t run into a ‘sold out’ sign.

  • Tomato, Atlas Hybrid, , large
  • Tomato, Midnight Snack Hybrid, , large
  • Tomato, Shimmer Hybrid, , large