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Tomato, Brandywine Red (Potato Leaf)

A delicious descendent of the illustrious Brandywine, the gold standard of heirloom tomatoes.
Over the past 20-30 years, gaggles of gardeners have been growing, selecting, saving and exchanging seeds of the revered Brandywine variety, giving rise to several new and noteworthy strains. The large indeterminate potato leaf vines produce deep-red fruits weighing up to 2 lb. with excellent, mild, balanced heirloom flavor.

Product Details

Fruit Weight: 1-2  pounds

Fruit Bearing: Indeterminate 

Days to Maturity: 85  days

Sowing Method: Indoor Sow 

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Mix and Match Grafted Tomatoes

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Tomato, Brandywine Red (Potato Leaf)
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