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Pepper, Sweet, Sheepnose Pimento

An heirloom found in Ohio and yours to enjoy: delicious and super sweet.
You can tell that Sheepnose has vintage rural origins, since few of us see a sheep, or its nose, often enough to think of naming a lovely, delicious pimento after the ovine proboscis. An heirloom originally found in Ohio, these 3-4"- diameter tomato-shaped peppers are thick-walled and super sweet. This tasty variety is a popular choice for canning. When refrigerated, the harvested fruits stay fresh for a good while. Harvest in 70-80 days after transplant.

Product Details

Height: 20-24  inches

Days to Maturity: 70-80  days

Sowing Method: Indoor Sow 

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Pepper, Sweet, Sheepnose Pimento
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