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From the Garden to Your Table

For the freshest ingredients, get your garden growing with Burpee.  And after the harvest, enjoy your garden fresh vegetables with great recipes from Heinz All Natural Vinegar.  See below for recipes, gardening tips and more.
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Heinz Favorite Salad Vegetables

We've selected some of our favorite varieties to take the guesswork out of planning your garden and creating a fabulous salad.

Tomato, Fourth Of July Hybrid

The first tomato to ripen by Independence Day.

Tomato, Sweet Seedless Hybrid

The world's first seedless tomato!

Tomato, Brandy Boy Hybrid

A huge pink beefsteak tomato with incredible heirloom flavor and very high yields.

Cucumber, Bush Champion

You won't believe the large number of crisp, bright green slicers you'll get.

Tomato, Sun Gold Hybrid

Rapidly becoming the most popular cherry tomato of all time.

Onion, Texas Supersweet

So sweet you can eat it raw.
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Heinz Lettuce

Our lettuce selection guarantees that your salads are endlessly appetizing and varied. There are four main kinds of lettuce to choose from: Butterhead (Bibb), Crisphead (Iceberg), Looseleaf (Cutting) and Romaine. There is no wrong choice among these fast

Lettuce, Buttercrunch

All-America Selections winner. Extremely popular lettuce with luscious, buttery texture.

Lettuce, Looseleaf Blend

Five favorites in one pack.

Lettuce, Black-Seeded Simpson

Even after 150 years it's one of the most tender leaf lettuces.

Lettuce, Gourmet Blend

Our popular looseleaf blend, selected for a long harvest.

Lettuce, EZ Serve

Easy to harvest, prepare and plate.

Lettuce, Summer-Long Collection

Extended harvest of our best lettuce
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Heinz Cucumbers

Cucumbers have been popular garden staples for hundreds of years. They are easy to grow and have a uniquely cool, refreshing taste. Grow for salads and snacking and don't forget to try pickling!

Cucumber, Bush Champion

You won't believe the large number of crisp, bright green slicers you'll get.

Cucumber, Sweet Success Hybrid

By far the sweetest flavor you'll find in any burpless cucumber.

Cucumber, Burpless Beauty

Stays crisp longer than any cucumber we've tried.

Cucumber, Picklebush

White-spined fruits have classic pickle look, deep green with paler stripes.

Cucumber, Straight Eight

A cucumber superstar, this classic has excellent flavor and is widely adapted.

Cucumber, Sweeter Yet Hybrid

Cucumbers don't come any sweeter than this. A Burpee exclusive.
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Heinz Herbs

Get ready for the surprising taste difference when you use flavorful, fresh herbs from your home garden. Everyday dishes, sauces and homemade salad dressings take on richer flavor and aroma.


Fragrant leaves flavor meats, poultry and potatoes.

Herb Collection, Culinary Classics

Herb collection infuses everyday dishes with richer flavor and aroma.

Thyme, Common

Aromatic leaves season meats, poultry, stews, sauces, soups and dressings.

Cilantro (Coriander)

Use pungent leaves (Cilantro) in Asian and Mexican dishes.

Dill, Mammoth

Seeds flavor pickles; leaves enhance salads, soups, omelets and vegetables.

Sage, Common

Used in sausages, poultry, meat, bread, dressings, vegetables, omelets and stuffing.
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Heinz All Second Season Vegetables

Direct sow beans, carrots, cucumbers, beats, and radish and start cabbage, lettuce, cauliflower, and broccoli indoors for your second season garden.

Garlic, Early Italian

Produces larger cloves than most softnecks. Better adapted to summer heat.

Beet, Detroit Dark Red Med Top

Unbeatable beets: dark red, extremely sweet flesh.

Garlic, Extra Select

These California produced mother bulbs are made up of several cloves.

Lettuce, Buttercrunch

All-America Selections winner. Extremely popular lettuce with luscious, buttery texture.

Radish, Cherry Belle

All-America Selections winner. Extra-early, retains fine eating quality all season.

Carrot, Nantes Half Long

Slim, cylindrical, orange roots.

Tangy Cucumber Dressing Recipe

A featured recipe from Heinz Vinegar.  Serve over poached salmon, grilled chicken or a simple tomato and lettuce

Chilled Marinated Vegetable Rice Salad Recipe

Featured Recipe from Heinz Vinegar.  A great way to serve all your garden fresh vegetables.

Berry Vinaigrette Recipe

A featured recipe from Heinz Vinegar.  Serve this light and refreshing vinaigrette over a spring mix salad or fresh

We also suggest these gardening products and ideas.

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