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Submit Your Garden Photos

Just send us a photo of you and your garden and we’ll make you famous on

Step 1

Send your digital photos by email to: (see tips below)


Mail your photo to: Photos
300 Park Avenue
Warminster PA 18976

Step 2

Include with your letter or email a note authorizing to use your garden photo. Please include your full name and address.

You can use this example:

I,__________________, being over twenty-one years of age, for consideration, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, give to W. Atlee Burpee & Co. my consent to use, exhibit, and publish my photographic image(s) on the Burpee owned Internet site and/or in any Burpee themed on-line usage; with such changes as will not alter meaning, as Burpee may desire hereinafter; and I hereby release the Burpee Co. from any claim I or my family or persons shown in any photograph might have by reason of such use.

Step 3

That's all there is to it!

While we cannot promise to publish every garden photo we receive, we will put as many as we can on Check often and see if your garden is famous!

Tips for Successful Digital Photo Submissions

    • Include yourself in the picture!
    • Save your photos as high-quality JPGs. TIF and PSD files are fine too. Don't save as GIFs or indexed color, as they limit the color and make your garden less spectacular. We resize large images to 600 pixels wide and 72 dpi.
    • When naming your files, please don't use spaces, apostrophes, quotations, commas, or parentheses. For instance, Tom's Garden '02 (pansies).jpg is bad, but tomsgarden02_pansies.jpg is fine.
    • Try to send your images as an attachment. We cannot open fancier HTML emails with the images embedded.
    • Please do not send duplicates or resend your submissions.
    • We appreciate scanned or digital photos that have been oriented correctly (rightside up and not sideways).
    • Don't forget to include a description of the photos. We enjoy the stories behind your gardens!
    • Send your digital photos by email to:

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Gardening Tip of the Day

  • At Christmastime, decorate your tree with colorful seed packets. They make charming and fun ornaments for garden lovers. Collect the most colorful and attractive Burpee seed packets from year to year and add them to your collection.

    To make the ornament, use a scissors and cut off the open flap at the top of the packet. Then, use a punch hole to make a hole at the top of the packet. Tie a piece of colorful ribbon, bit of lace, raffia, or twine through the hole.

    To make a simple yet very pretty garden theme tree, hang up a few dozen seed packets and add sprigs of dried flowers (hydrangeas, gomphrena, cockscomb and statice work well), branches of holly, pepper berry, and a few long garlands of cranberries around the tree. Paste several photos of your garden onto colorful construction paper and hang them up too. The seed tree will also remind you it’s time to order new seeds for next season!