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Second Year Gardening

April 02, 2010

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Raised Bed Garden System

Create a raised bed in minutes. (Even a novice can do it.)


4' x 4' Complete Raised Garden (Single Level)$83.95


4' x 8' Two Stepper Complete Kit$209.95


Two Stepper Corners Kit (Wood not included)$67.95


4' x 8' Complete Raised Garden (Double Level)$239.95


4' x 8' Corners Kit (Wood not included)$83.95


Composite Timbers (2 per pack) brown recycled plastic$12.95

Burpee Ultimate Growing System®

Our most advanced seed-starting system.

Ultimate Tomato Growers Kit

Twice the tomatoes in half the space! SAVE 20%


1 Kit$47.75